1. He finished _____ in the 1,500-meter run.

  A. champion

  B. championship

  C. first

  D. No. one

  2. He has been asked to account _____ his absence.

  A. for

  B. on

  C. of

  D. about

  3. He has failed me so many times that I no longer place any _____ on what he promises.

  A. faith

  B. belief

  C. credit

  D. reliance

  4. He is _____ the run from the police.

  A. in

  B. off

  C. on

  D. after


  5. He is an artist with seemingly unlimited _____.

  A. creativity

  B. creature

  C. creation

  D. creative

  6. He knows the rules but does not know how to ______ it.

  A. control

  B. direct

  C. apply

  D. run

  7. He made a ____ inspection of the doors and the windows before leaving.

  A. slowly

  B. leisurely

  C. carefully

  D. seriously

  8. He made such a _____ contribution to the university that they are naming one of the new building after him.

  A. genuine

  B. minimum

  C. modest

  D. generous

  9. He must have had an accident, or he _____ then.

  A. would have been here

  B. had to be here

  C. should be here

  D. would be here

  10. He often sat in a small bar drinking considerably more than _____.

  A. he was in good health

  B. his health was good

  C. his good health was

  D. was good for his health

  11. He pointed out that the living standard of urban and _____ people continued to improve.

  A. remote

  B. municipal

  C. rural

  D. provincial

  12. He said nothing at all, but his eyes spoke _____ him.

  A. for

  B. up

  C. out

  D. against

  13. He took me _____ task for not doing it.

  A. into

  B. upon

  C. to

  D. on

  14. He used examples to _____ his argument.

  A. strengthen

  B. increase

  C. fix

  D. underline

  15. He was here _____ the stroke.

  A. in

  B. on

  C. with

  D. to

  16. He was one of the greatest writers _____ had ever lived.

  A. who

  B. which

  C. that

  D. as

  17. He would try to ingratiate himself _____ his clients in order to earn more money.

  A. into

  B. with

  C. for

  D. from

  18. Her address made a great impression _____ the audience.

  A. at

  B. of

  C. in

  D. on

  19. Here is one of the most interesting novels that _____ been published _____ the war.

  A. has ... after

  B. have ... after

  C. have ... since

  D. has ... since

  20. His companions have threatened to _____ his crimes to the police.

  A. impose

  B. express

  C. enclose

  D. expose

  21. His extravagance reduced him _____ for his living.

  A. to beg

  B. from begging

  C. to begging

  D. into begging

  22. His death _____ with age.

  A. deteriorated

  B. determined

  C. detected

  D. detained

  23. His long service with the company was _____ with a present.

  A. admitted

  B. acknowledged

  C. attributed

  D. accepted

  24. His novel _____ some light on life in China in Ming Dynasty.

  A. sends

  B. provides

  C. throws

  D. puts

  25. His tastes and habits _____ with those of his wife.

  A. combine

  B. compete

  C. coincide

  D. compromise


  1-5 CCADC 6-10 ACBDA 11-15 DCACA 16-20 CBDCD 21-25 CABCC