Describe a type of relaxation

  What is it?

  How do you do it ?

  How does it help you to relax?

  Why do you like it?




  What is it ?Hot bathTime to thinkNervous about the test

  How do you do it ?Coffee,pen & paperHelp to thinkWater temperature

  How does it help you to relax ?Physically & mentallyEase muscle & clear mind

  Why do you like it ?Personality :reserved personPrefer to say alone and figure out problems Yesterday,calm down for the test.



  A: My favorite relaxation is taking a hot bath,because when i take a bath i can have enough time to think carefully.Like yesterday i felt bit nervous about today’s test so i lay in the bathtub for about 1 hour which helped a lot.

  B:I’d get myself a cup of nice coffee in a mug,not those small cups,since I’d like to stay there for quite a long time.I would also get a notepad with a pencil because sometimes writing can help you organize your thoughts.The most important thing is water temperature,which must stay above 45C.

  C:Hot water not only helps to ease my muscles,which relaxes me physically,it also clears out my mind so my brain runs faster.I can figure out my problems,and ease the pressure.

  D:I like it because as a reserved person i don’t like to talk to people about my daily pressure.It is not like other methods of relaxation that let me run away from pressure.A hot bath could help me face it and deal with it.