英语沟通能力不可忽视的一部分就是书面交流,即英文写作。仅仅语法词汇使用正确是不够的, 即使英语是母语的人,也要通过学习和练习来提高写作能力, 让文笔更加流畅优美,将意思表达的清楚明白。AEAS作文考试,综合了英语方面所有的能力,并且需要考生用英语精炼表达自己的想法。作文的考试题目也会提供详细的内容需求以及篇幅长短。此外,题目信息还提供了评分标准。



  Your class is preparing in a magazine issue on the topic of ‘games’ for other students in the school to read.

  Write an article about a game that you like playing.

  Include the following:

  Explain how to play the game.

  Describe where it is played and who can play it.

  Say why you think this game is better than other games.

  Youwill be assessedon:

  Content and relevance

  Organization and linking of ideas

  Grammar and vocabulary

  Spelling punctuation

  Timeallowed 30 minutes


  The game I would like to introduce today is chess. Chess is a strategical board game thatis playedbetween two players.At the startof the game, each player controls 16 pieces, one person controls all the white pieces and the other person controls the black pieces. There are six types of pieces and are distributed as follows: Eight pawns, one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights and two bishops. The goal of the game is to defeat the opponent’s king using your own pieces. Each piece hasitsown unique ability.

  Chess is a very popular indooractivity as many schools have their own individual chess clubs. Students from any grade level can join the chess club to compete and have fun.

  Unlike other board games or card games, the outcome of a chess game is not determinedby luck. Therefore, victory is hard earned and can only be achieved through outsmarting your opponents, which make victories much more satisfying. This is why chess is my favourite game.


  AEAS写作有四大评分标准,分别是content and relevance(文章内容与题目要求的相关性);organization and linking of ideas(文章的结构或观点的衔接);grammar and vocabulary(语法的准确性和词汇量);spelling and punctuation(词汇拼写以及标点的使用)。


  如何在content and relevance 中得到分?必须要首先读题并且了解题目。这篇文章是关于“game”的内容。学生们不用担心AEAS的作文题目,以常见事物为题目标准,很少会出现学生们从未接触或者听说过的话题。AEAS考试的目的是测试语言表达能力而不是知识面。

  在明白题目是 game 后,按照写作的常规构思关于‘game’的六何法:Who, when, where, what, why, how.

  在构思完后按照题目的要求一步一步填写相关内容, 请看例文:What,How,where,why.每当完成一句话的时候,查看题目中所给出的三个规定的内容指示,看看是否这句话和题目相关,以免跑题。