and 和

but 但是

nor 也不

so 因而

yet 然而

however 可是

hence 从此

then 然后

for 因为

or 或者,否则

nevertheless 然而

as well as 也,又

not only...but also 不仅……而且

both...and 两者都

neither...nor 既不……也不……

either...or 或者……或者


1. 单词+并列连词+单词

We both shrugged and laughed. 我们两人都耸耸肩,笑一笑。

He came and sat down and spoke to me. 他进来,坐下和我说话。

We felt hot, tired and thirsty. 我们觉得又热,又累,口又干。

He is healthy and handsome. 他既健康又帅气。

2. 短语+并列连词+短语

The butterflies flew over our heads and about the flowers. 蝴蝶在我们头上飞,在花丛中飞。

3. 从句+并列连词+从句

I know that he has been arrested and that he is in prison. 我知道他被捕而且坐牢了。

4. 分句+并列连词+分句

I played the piano and she sang. 我弹钢琴,她唱歌。

5. 其他

I declared this seriously and with confidence. 我严肃而且自信地做出声明。(单词+并列连词+短语)

Let's take him to hospital or something. 咱们送他去医院或做点什么。(分句+并列连词+单词)


and, both...and 连接两个可数名词时,一般谓语用复数;or, either...or, neither...nor, not only...but also...谓语的数以谓语自身旁边的主语为准。

Both salt and sugar dissolve easily. 盐和糖均易溶解。

Not only the students but also the teacher is enjoying the film. 不仅学生而且老师都在津津乐道地看着电影。

Neither the students nor the teacher knows anything about it. 同学们和老师对此都一无所知。

Neither he nor they are wholly right. 他和他们,谁都不是完全对的。

Either he or I am right. 或者他对,或者我对。